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What is Suthe?

Süthe is the most absorbable and bioavailable CBD option on the market. It is a whole flower, water-compatible CBD option that utilizes a Whole Flower Fluid extraction process, preserving the whole plant and all its medicinal benefits. Our bodies are mostly made of water, which means we have a far easier time absorbing water-compatible CBD instead of oil-based CBD.
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Who Can Benefit From Suthe?

Süthe can help individuals suffering from common concerns, to those with more severe issues. CBD works in line with the endocannabinoids in our body system to increase an individuals state of health. Using CBD products, such as Süthe, have been linked to promoting heart health, helping with depression, decreasing inflammation, relieving nausea, assisting with anxiety & decreasing pain.


If you have any questions about using CBD products before purchasing Süthe, please contact our team today!

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