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What is LENS?

LENS, Low Energy Neurofeedback System, was developed in the early 1990s by a northern California psychologist. The system was created as an alternative to medication for brain-based problems (often used along with psychotherapy). A computer-based software program is connected to an EEG box, which measures brainwaves. LENS directly stimulates biochemical changes that are thought to help the brain regulate itself.
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Who Can Benefit From LENS?

Countless individuals suffer from brain-based problems. Whether high levels of stress are impacting your sleep, energy or mood, or a mild traumatic injury has impacted your memory or attention span, LENS may be able to help improve or restore your overall brain functionality. LENS helps to normalize both excess activity and suppression in the EEG. Most people who receive LENS treatment report feeling more calm, relaxed, and in control of themselves. It is a completely painless and noninvasive procedure that most find very relaxing.


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