Antioxidant Therapy

Oxidants are highly reactive molecular species that get produced inside the human body as well as the environment, interacting with different cellular molecules in the body. As a result, the structural and functional components of the body get affected which leads to different conditions. 

In most cases, these radicals cause inflammatory response in the body to cause different chronic diseases. To counter these adverse species, antioxidants produce an effective response, defending your body against the oxidants. 

What Exactly is Antioxidant Therapy? 

This is where antioxidant therapy plays its role. It involves the use of natural antioxidant enzymes, vitamins, and artificially produced agents having antioxidant activity. Antioxidants are proven to fight off and prevent the occurrence of many chronic conditions like diabetes mellitus, inflammatory disorders, reperfusion injuries, and cardiovascular diseases such as carcinogenesis and atherosclerosis. 

In addition to that, antioxidant therapy includes the use of different vitamins, especially vitamin C and E, that capture the reactive oxygen species – ROS, and stop them from interacting with the receptors in the body. That way, they render the ROS ineffective and prevent the potential damage caused by oxidative stress. 

Whether you are living in an urban area or countryside, you are always exposed to sources of oxidants. These sources include ionizing radiations, air pollution, smoking, heavy metals, foods and drugs, chemical agents, pesticides, and organic solvents. That is why, it is highly important you make sure that you take important preventative measures to keep yourself safe from the harmful effects of oxidants coming from continuous exposure. 

Ever wondered why there is a striking increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other conditions? Well, oxidative stress building up in your body due to many different sources of oxidants play an important role as predisposing factors in these conditions that were not prevalent some decades ago.

What Are The Benefits of Antioxidant Therapy?

Antioxidant therapy includes the incorporation of different antioxidants that help you fight off the chronic inflammation in your body. Some important conditions such as coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, inflammation of the pancreas, neurologic conditions and other disorders can be managed with this technique. 

Many people are now becoming aware of the countless benefits of using antioxidants for treating and managing different chronic conditions. One of the reasons why antioxidant therapy is considered effective in many conditions is because this includes many supplements that come with almost no side effects. 

So, if you are under continuous exposure of oxidants, it is a wise decision to increase your uptake of different antioxidants that play an important role in scavenging harmful chemicals and reactive species that cause different pathologic conditions.

What Are the Best Anti-Aging Therapies?

It’s not hard to cure aging if you know the right therapies. Some people use home remedies, but a lot of them don’t work all the time. So, for a better result, it’s vital to use therapies that can work for all types of aging signs.

Most people use hormonal therapy because it helps to stop the aging process fast. As the level of hormones goes down with age, hormonal therapy can work better.  Here are some other anti-aging therapies that you can try:

Micronutrient Therapy
Antioxidant Therapy
Neurotransmitter Therapy
Anti-aging Thyroid Treatments

How Can Antioxidants Help in The Management of Different Diseases?

Going for antioxidant therapy can help you stay safe from the oxidative stress that can develop in your body. Some of the chronic disorders which can be prevented and managed with the help of antioxidant include the following: 

Cancer – many types of cancers develop in the body as a result of aberration in the DNA and genetic material in the body. When harmful substances like mycotoxins (toxins released from fungi of different types) and free radicals of oxygen accumulate in the body through environment and dietary intake, they can intervene and change the genetic material of cells in the body. If it gets frequent, it might result in altering the genetic makeup of cells in any part of the body. Therefore, it is important to keep the body safe from these mutagens (agents causing mutation in the genes of the body) by taking effective measures against them. 

Diabetes Mellitus – it is a chronic condition that results in inflamed pancreatic cells that results in the abnormal metabolism of glucose in the body. This can lead to different sub-pathological conditions such as gangrene, uremia, and even blindness. Diabetes mellitus interferes with the normal metabolic processes of the body. To alleviate these inflammatory conditions, antioxidants play an important role in helping the body to get back to a normal state. 

Multiple Sclerosis – it is a degenerative disease that affects many organs of the body including eyes, muscles, and brain. Free radicals can aggravate this chronic condition and make a patient even more disturbed. To counter this, antioxidants, especially vitamin E, can help in fighting off the inflammation that can result as the disease progresses. 

Cardiovascular Diseases – Atherogenesis, atherosclerosis, and other CVDs can cause inflammation in the systemic circulation system and affect arteries and veins. To bring the inflamed blood vessels to a normal state, it is essential to take help from anti-inflammatory products. Antioxidant therapy can help in normalizing the blood vessels that work against the propagation of the disease. 

Neurologic Conditions – many diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurologic disorders are chronic conditions that are difficult to treat. Most of these diseases are progressive and if not controlled in time can cause rapid deterioration in many cognitive and motor skills. Antioxidants like vitamin E play a highly important role in countering the pathologic conditions arising due to inflammation in the nervous system.

Are Antioxidants Useful Only For Patients With Chronic Conditions?

There are many acute conditions that are well-managed with the help of antioxidants as well. For instance, urinary tract infections or UTIs can be well managed by the uptake of berries, especially prunes that are rich in antioxidants like flavonoids. Many doctors recommend the uptake of cherries for countering acute pain in the urethra. 

Antioxidants are not only therapeutic for chronic conditions but also effective for the prevention of disease in healthy individuals. It is recommended that you take antioxidants in your regular diet and live a healthy lifestyle to stay protected from these conditions. 

Moreover, antioxidants can help in treating conditions like pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas – that is an acute condition disturbing the normal metabolism of the body. The antioxidants can help in treating this condition, especially, vitamin A plays an important part in alleviating this acute condition.

Antioxidants For Energy and Stamina

Besides the enormous therapeutic and preventative effects of antioxidants, these are also great for increasing energy and stamina in people that want to experience a healthy lifestyle. For countering the daily stress from the tough routine and hard scheduled life, it is important to incorporate essential nutrients such as antioxidants in your dietary routine. 

For instance, incorporating citrus fruits, berries, bright coloured fruits, green and leafy vegetables, and cruciferous vegetables improve the overall stamina in your body by scavenging oxidants in the body. This is because oxidants are known to drain your energy by affecting your normal metabolism and physiology of your body. By combining antioxidants in your diet, you can fight off this lethargy and stress accumulated in the body to feel much more active than before and live a better life as you will be able to perform at your optimum level. 

Antioxidant treatments can help you in building up stronger immunity against conditions that can render your metabolism.

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How does it work?

Reactive Oxygen Species – ROS – are scavenged through these antioxidants that block the receptor site from the attachment of these species. High-dose antioxidant therapy is effective for fighting acute conditions and the management of chronic diseases.

How is it performed?

Oral treatment is given at fixed intervals to patients that undergo the therapy. Important care is taken in the nutrient drug interactions and dosage to make sure the patient does not go through undesirable effects. Antioxidants like vitamin C and Glutathione are of significant importance and are common in many cases. Continuous use of the oral supplementation for consecutive and specific number of days is practised in patients normally having an acute condition, for instance, acute pancreatitis (AP). 

One can easily say that antioxidant therapy is effective for building up the body’s ability to stay far from deteriorating effects of everyday exposure to pollutants, radiation, smoke, chemicals, and other oxidative agents that are harmful for health and overall wellbeing. 

Thus, we can say that antioxidants make an effective treatment for a number of pathologic conditions including chronic as well as acute conditions. Moreover, antioxidants are effective in countering lethargy and stress that helps us lead a well-balanced, healthy, and physically active lifestyle. 

Given its enormous benefits and safety levels, antioxidant therapy is increasing in popularity at a rapid rate and is helpful in countering different conditions. With growing interest of people in an organic and simpler dietary routine, it is becoming evident that the use of simpler techniques for preventing and treating diseases is also becoming popular by time. It is no more a wonder that antioxidant therapy might even replace other therapeutic techniques that come with certain undesirable consequences in the future.

However, it is always recommended that you take precautions and consult your physician before going for any treatment or supplementation. Make sure that you take the dosage as recommended by your physician and follow the guidelines given by your dietitian and other health care professionals to avoid any undesired result that can occur in any case.

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