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What are the main benefits of Holistic/Integrative Medicine?

1. Holistic/Integrative Medicine recognizes that the person who has the illness is more important than the type of illness he or she is manifesting. The central role played by the patient’s lifestyle, beliefs, observations and habits is honored.

2. Treatment methods that are least likely to do harm are used first in Holistic/Integrative Medicine. These are often also more cost-effective than conventional drugs or surgery.

3. Holistic/Integrative Medicine is part of a worldview that promises to achieve societal change through respect for the individual and for the contribution of diversity to integrative modes of healing. Healing must take place on all levels—individual, social, cultural and planetary—for the happiness and survival of life on earth.

Will a Holistic/Integrative Physician fix my problem?

A Holistic/Integrative Physician will work with you to develop a treatment program designed to assist you in healing. Other Holistic/Integrative practitioners may also be recommended, but the idea that anyone else can “fix’ your problem is not a part of the Holistic/Integrative model. Most illnesses and disabilities are the result of a complex interaction of events, habits and choices and are not amendable to band aids or “sweeping things under the drug” approaches which do not address the underlying cause(s).

How do I get reimbursed by healthcare insurance when seeing a Holistic/Integrative doctor?

Reimbursement will depend on what type of insurance plan you have. Most holistic physicians cannot practice under the HMO model. However, many PPO or POS plans will reimburse some percentage of the doctor’s fee. Be sure to check with your plan and with the doctor’s office before your visit. Remember, the money you spend on a Holistic Physician’s services can be thought of as your real health insurance. Don’t let dependence on an Insurance plan keep you from getting the help you need! If your car needed a tune up, who would you ask to pay? Likewise, if you have recurrent or chronic health problems, and are not happy with the care you are receiving in the current system, don’t limit your thinking to what your insurance company will cover. Insurance companies are slow to change, but asking if they cover Holistic/Integrative services will at least serve to notify them that you, the customer, are interested in something different. Another option to consider is increasing the deductible on your policy (keeping your coverage in the event of serious illness) and using your premium savings to cover the cost of preventative Holistic healthcare.

What is meant by “complementary and alternative therapies”?

Complementary and alternative therapies are those not yet considered mainstream and, therefore, not normally offered by conventional medical personnel. They include but are not limited to: nutrition, herbal medicine, spinal manipulation, body work medicine, “energy medicine,” spiritual attunement, relation training, stress management, biofeedback and acupuncture. The list of what is considered complementary and alternative therapy is constantly changing as more research becomes available. As they demonstrate efficacy and safety, these therapies become part of conventional medicine.

What is my role in a holistic treatment approach?

Accepting responsibility for your lifestyle choices is important in working with a Holistic/Integrative Physician/practitioner. Illness can be seen as a messenger – an indication that one or more aspects of your life may be out of harmony. The Holistic/Integrative professional can serve as a guide to assist you in this process of self-evaluation.

What lab tests do you currently offer?

We currently offer the below lab tests:

  • Alletess – food allergy and sensitivity
  • Labrix – Neurotransmitter testing
  • Drs Data – Urine toxic & Essential elements (heavy metals)
  • Great Plains Laboratory – Toxic Environmental Chemicals
  • SpectraCell – Micronutrient, Telomomere

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