Preconception Care And Its Importance

Preconception Care And Its Importance

Many couples at some point in their life will have or already have had a discussion about starting a family. What is never discussed is the actual time needed to prepare to start a family. Couples just tend to say “Alright, I’m ovulating, let’s do this!!!”.

Ultimately, what this couple should be asking is how healthy have we been over the last 100 days?  Why is this question the most important question a couple can ask themselves when planning a family?! The answer is easy. 

Your egg and your sperm (called gametes) mature over a 100 day period and say over the last few months you have been under more stress, eating more processed foods and sugar and have been exposed to more chemicals or other unhealthy substances. All those factors impact the health of your gametes (immature and maturing egg and sperm) and affect the genetic coding. Which means when the egg and sperm meet they are making your embryo and your health at the time of conception is imprinted into your childs makeup. 

So why is this important? 

Is the cup half full or completely full of heavy metals, chemicals, xenoestrogens, phaltates etc? Or in contrast, how imbalanced are your hormones, how deficient are your vitamin and mineral levels, are there genetic issues that you are not aware of that may cause issues with or impact the development of your baby when in utero?

Ask yourself these few questions and if you said yes to at least one you are a candidate for preconception care. Now let me remind you that this program is for both men and women. Genetic and cellular information is 50:50 from each parent, which means each parent needs to not only answer the above questions. But also take part in the preparation of your future child. 

Do you work around a farming complex? Do you live around a farming complex? Or better yet. Do you spray pesticides around your home or does your neighbor? Do you use plastic water bottles on a weekly basis? Do you put hot foods and hot liquids into plastic containers?

If you said yes to any one of these things you are passing all these environmental exposures from your system onto your childs. Now, why would you want to do that?

It simple, we don’t want to do this but no one has ever really explained to us the importance of preconception care and in turn we have never really thought about its need. 

Let’s take the next 100 days to help you clean up and detox, balance and replenish nutrients, and prepare your body to make healthy babies. 


The program put together by Dr. Sundermeyer includes a laboratory panel for both parents. Looking at basic labs, essential nutrients, and hormones. Women have a second panel that is to be drawn on day 2-3 of their menstrual cycle to better understand ovarian function and health. The first month while we wait on labs begins with a detox. On top of the detox It includes a dietary protocol focusing on the mediteranian diet. Proper home guidelines and a clean up protocol through the first month. Once labs are received we will focus on replenishing nutrients and create a specialized program as needed for each individual.