June Specials

June Specials

We are excited to kick off this Summer vacation by announcing our specials for the month of June! This month we attempted to create a list of specials to meet a variety of cosmetic and health related needs, so we hope that you are able to find the perfect fit for you!

PRP Hair Restoration
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration Treatment is a nonsurgical procedure that helps to promote thick and healthy hair growth. Since this is a noninvasive treatment, it eliminates the risk of harmful side effects and no recovery time is needed in order to get your desired results. This treatment is ideal for those struggling with hair loss or thinning hair, but it can also help to meet the needs of those who simply just want more volume in their hair as well. This month our special includes three PRP Hair Restoration Treatments, Nutrafol supplements, and hair growth promoting shampoo and conditioner for only $2100!

#LipLove Contest
Another exciting opportunity coming this month is our social media contest. The winner will receive a free lip enhancement treatment originally valued at $600!
All that you need to do to enter our giveaway is:
Take a selfie and include the #liplove hashtag
Tag 3 friends on Instagram
Follow @Dr_95350 , @dr_95350aestetics and @valleywellnesscenter
This contest will end on July 1st and the lucky recipient will be announced on our social media. Best of luck to everyone and we can not wait to see all of your beautiful selfies!

Peptide of the Month
Peptide therapy can be very beneficial to your health when worked into your daily routine. The peptide that we would recommend for the month of June is Ipamorelin + CJC-1295. By incorporating this peptide stack into your health regimen, you are increasing your ability to burn fat while gaining muscle as well as boosting your immune system and stamina. This burst of energy is helpful in increasing your motivation and may be just what you need to achieve all of your summer plans.

NEW Facials
We are pleased to announce that we have created two brand new facials for you to try out this summer. The first is our CBD Facial that has been designed with the intent to heal and repair your skin cells with its anti-inflammatory properties. The second option is our Summer Glow Up Facial which has been created to help your skin glow from within giving your face the perfect, natural luminosity you’ve always wanted.

Invest in your Intimacy
We currently offer three unique treatments designed to enhance the intimacy of our clients. The first treatment is called Viveve which helps to stop urinary incontinence in women and increases sexual satisfaction by increasing production of collagen in the vagina. This treatment normally costs $3,000, but for this month only, Viveve is being offered at only $2,400 a treatment! The second treatment is our O-Shot/P-Shot which is a noninvasive procedure that uses PRP to aid in vaginal rejuvenation resulting in increased sensitivity during sex as well as helping with urinary incontinence. Our O-Shot/P-Shot normally costs $1,300, but is available for $1,040 per treatment until the end of June! The last treatment we offer is called Gainswave which works in men to stimulate blood flow that leads to the creation of new blood vessels to assist in treating erectile dysfunction. This nonsurgical treatment is originally valued at $3,000, but with our summer specials, it is being offered at $2,400 a treatment!

Vitamin Boosts & Memberships
Our vitamin boosts for the month of June are the Builder Boost and the Energy Boost. Our Builder Boost aids in the production of nitric oxide and encourages the release of GH from the pituitary gland. This boost is perfect for increasing athletic performance and can assist in the recovery process from any sports or work related injuries. Our Energy Boost uses its main active ingredient, B-12, to promote optimal functioning of the brain and nervous system. This month, you can get both the Energy Boost and the Builder Boost together for only $45 instead of their original combined price of $60.
Don’t forget our about Vitamin Drip Membership where you are able to receive 1 Vitamin Drip, 4 Vitamin Shots and 1 IV Push for only $250 a month!

Contact Us
Contact our team if you are interested in any of our specials, or have questions about the best fit(s) for your best summer & your best self!

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