Spring Savings!

Spring Savings!

Spring Savings!

Spring is a time for fresh starts and new awakenings. During such a lovely time of the year, it’s important to look and feel as radiant as your surroundings. As we welcome this new season, we would like to celebrate by announcing our specials for the month of April.

IV of the Month

VWC Myer’s Cocktail

Our IV of the month is our Valley Wellness Center/Meyer’s Cocktail. This IV allows you to treat yourself in the best possible way by repairing your body’s natural balance. Serving as the ideal pick me up after those long winter months, this treatment will leave you feeling as rejuvenated as a freshly bloomed flower. This IV also helps in treating common mental and physical health conditions such as fatigue, migraines, depression, muscle pain, and menstrual cramps. At this time, the VWC/Meyer’s Cocktail is on sale for 25% off of its regular price of $200. With a current savings of $50 off, the effects that come as a result of this treatment are a steal!


Vitamin Boosts of the Month

Skinny Boost

At this time, we are holding specials on two different vitamin boost shots. Our two vitamin boost shots for the month are called the Skinny Boost and the Tranquil Boost. Made with multiple vitamins and amino acids, our Skinny Boost is sure to help your body feel and look its best this Spring. The full list of ingredients that this boost consists of are: Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12). Each of these ingredients assists in promoting healthy liver function and helps to breakdown fat in the body. This treatment works well on it’s own but can be optimized when paired with a weight loss program.

Tranquil Boost

While the Skinny Boost helps primarily with physical health, the Tranquil Boost assists in maintaining a healthy mindset. The one and only ingredient found in the tranquil boost is GABA which acts as an essential neurotransmitter in the process of lowering levels of anxiety. GABA can be beneficial in the process of drug withdrawal or in overall recovery as well. This boost works to eliminate stress from the body while promoting a calm and well balanced mental attitude. Both of these vitamin boost shots are available for $10 off of their regular price of $30.

Come In!

We are excited to welcome Spring with each of our patients. Call or stop by the office to schedule your next visit, with a Spring service, today!

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