Valley Wellness Center provides patients a wide range of integrative tests and procedures designed to help them reach an optimal level of health by identifying and treating a variety of symptoms and conditions.

Procedures offered through Valley Wellness Center include:

Biodentical Hormone Replacement – administration of supplemental hormones which can help restore vitality

Dysport / Botox Cosmetic – cosmetic treatments which reduce patients’ brow lines, lip lines, or chin wrinkles

Heavy Metal Chelation – treatments which address health-affecting levels of heavy metal toxicity

IV Therapy – intravenous treatments which can help patients for whom oral supplements or treatments are ineffective

Juvederm XC/ Restylane – cosmetic dermal fillers which can help alleviate patients’ facial lines

Subcutaneous Implantable Testosterone Pellets – a form of hormone replacement which can offset the loss of testosterone in aging males

Thyroid Health

Valley Wellness Center offers the following tests used to help identify the root cause of many chronic conditions:

Access Medical Laboratory – a full service testing facility which works with Valley Wellness Center to deliver fast, accurate testing services

ALCAT Test – a test which can detect immunoresponses caused by food or additive intolerance

Genova – individualized nutritional testing which can help patients design a personalized diet/vitamin regimen

Sanesco – tests designed to correct imbalances in patient neurotransmitter and adrenal hormone levels

SpectraCell – micronutrient testing which can detect nutrient imbalances using patient lymphocites

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