Integrative Medicine

  • Immune weakness
  • Natural Thyroid (metabolism) replacement
  • Adrenal Fatigue (cortisol, dhea) stress
  • Andropause/male menopause
  • Neurotransmitter analysis/replacement
  • Nutritional supplement guidance
  • Customized plans

At Valley Wellness Center, we believe that patient health is about more than just treating symptoms.

We offer integrated medical care to patients that balances the best of mainstream medical practices with scientifically proven natural or holistic remedies and techniques in order to help patients achieve optimal wellness in body, mind and spirit.

Our integrative approach helps ensure the health of the whole person, from treating and preventing disease to addressing changes in lifestyle, beliefs and habits which have prevented healing. All appropriate methods may be used to help the patient reach an optimal level of wellness, from mainstream medicines to acupuncture, massage and stress reduction techniques.

A Future of Wellness Starts Today

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Whether you choose to improve your health by getting more exercise, eating right or seeking treatment from Dr. Lisa Hunt, your future wellness begins when you choose to start improving your health today. Contact us to schedule your personal consultation and start on the path to complete wellness.

The benefits of Valley Wellness Center’s integrative approach to healing include:

Quality of life improvements including renewed energy, mood improvements and increased libido

Brain function improvements

Relief from attention and anxiety disorders

Easing of the symptoms of Menopause and Andropause

Weight control and control of associated conditions like Diabetes

Prevention of degenerative diseases from vascular conditions like heart attacks and strokes and brain conditions including Alzheimers and dementia.

Contact Valley Wellness Center today to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Lisa Hunt.