We appreciate you.

Dear Valley Wellness Patients:

We would like to inform you that Dr. Lisa Hunt is leaving Valley Wellness Center in the middle of February. We respect her decision and wish her well however, we are also excited for the future of Valley Wellness Center!

Although change can be sometimes uncomfortable, it can also be rousing and we believe we have the capability and knowledgeable staff in which we can evolve into a facility that can better serve our patients. Continuing patient care is of the utmost importance to us and we want to do our best to accommodate your needs. We will be revamping some of our treatments and protocols so they are more available to you.

We believe the improved Valley Wellness Center has a bright future ahead! We are happy to announce that we will have 3 new providers available for appointments! That means more hours, more availability, and more ingenuity for treatment!

Please keep all of your scheduled appointments and know that all of your prescriptions will be refilled as long as your med checks and follow up visits are up to date!

That being said, we will also continue to offer care for bio identical hormone replacement, subcutaneous implantable testosterone pellets, IV Therapy, thyroid and adrenal testing and monitoring, herbal and phentermine supplements, HCG consults and diet plans, and we will still be using Access Medical Labratories in order to attain lab results in a timely manner. The labs we will continue to perform include the ALCAT, Senesco, Genova, and SpectraCell.

Please know we appreciate your patience during this transitional period and remember your continuity of care is of the utmost important to us. Please be patient with us and stay tuned for more info to come!


VWC Management

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